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Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau Ayik

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mining is entrusted under our Constitution with the management of all aspects of our national petroleum and mineral wealth, from exploration and extraction to transport and sales. This is a sacred trust, held by the Ministry for and on behalf of the people of South Sudan to whom it belongs after their long and difficult struggle to independence. Our goal is to protect and develop this trust to obtain maximum recovery and financial benefit from our oil fields and mineral lodes while protecting the environment and ensuring safety of industry workers and residents.

A key tool is the recently enacted Petroleum Act that my Ministry has been instrumental in developing. This new Act has as its underlying principle the transparency of information regarding petroleum operations so that investors can expect fair and equal treatment and an open and competitive oil and mineral industry and our people who have endured and sacrificed these many years during our struggle are able to know where our resources come from, how they are handled and where the revenues go.

With the publication of this website, the Ministry has taken another step in its effort to becoming a transparent organization. I look forward to the challenges which lie ahead and am confident that together with my dedicated staff, we will manage and develop our oil and mineral resources in a way that contributes to the prosperity and well-being of its people.

Hon. Stephen Dhieu Dau Ayik
Minister, Ministry of Petroleum and Mining 

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